Recall of Marks & Spencer Gluten Free Rich Fruit Cake

Food products should be labeled correctly. Mislabeling or wrong commodity information may cause harm.

Recently, Marks & Spencer has withdrawn some of its product due to mislabeling. The Gluten Free Rich Fruit Cake. The product literally conveys that it is gluten free but the actual process used wheat flour.wrong food label logo

The product under recall is:

Marks & Spencer Gluten Free Rich Fruit Cake
Display until date: 24 October 2010
Best before date: 30 October 2010
Unique code: 00395120
Weight: 375g

The product will not cause harm to regular costumers. It will only affect persons that are intolerant to gluten, eating such is a cause of celiac disease.

According to FDA, celiac disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the small intestine in genetically susceptible individuals. It is triggered by ingesting certain proteins, commonly referred to as “gluten” which is naturally present in some cereal grains.

For persons with coeliac disease, the maximum safe level of gluten in a finished product is probably less than 0.02% or as little as 0.002%. Australian standards for “gluten free” label is less than 5 parts per million

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