How to Prevent Campylobacter Poisoning from Chicken Livers

Chicken liver may cause food poisoning if not cooked thoroughly, Food Standard Agency have a report on how to prevent the incident: —

Poultry liver carries a high risk of campylobacter contamination if not cooked enough as the bacteria can be present throughout the liver. The Food Standards Agency is therefore reminding caterers to make sure chicken livers are handled hygienically and cooked thoroughly when used in products such as pâté or parfait.liver illustration

Some recipes indicate that searing chicken liver is enough to kill any bacteria. However, food safety experts at the Agency advise that chicken liver must be cooked all the way through and not just seared. Campylobacter can be present throughout the liver, not just on the surface.

The Agency advises that liver, kidneys, and other types of offal should be handled hygienically to avoid cross-contamination and cooked thoroughly until they are steaming hot all the way through. The centre should reach a temperature of 70°C for two minutes or the equivalent time and temperature. The equivalent heat treatments are:

* 65°C for 10 minutes
* 70°C for 2 minutes
* 75°C for 30 seconds
* 80°C for 6 seconds

The FSA has identified the reduction of human foodborne disease and, in particular, tackling campylobacter infections acquired from chicken, as a key priority for the next five years. The most recent figures suggest that 65% of shop-bought chicken is contaminated with campylobacter and the bug is responsible for more than 300,000 cases of food poisoning and 15,000 admissions to hospital a year in England and Wales.

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