Carbofuran and other Systemic Pesticides | turning our food into poison

Bt corn was invented to fight corn borer. The same is true with the invention of Bt eggplant. Because the mentioned plants have Bt genes, any worm that feed on drop dead. No need to spray pesticide cause the plant itself is a pesticide, a poison.

Plants are good filters. A water from young coconut is free of any impurities. Roots selects the necessary nutrients and reject others. However, it may absorb and assimilate bacteria, fungi and pesticides.

Pesticides which are being absorbed by plants are systemic pesticides. Absorbed, distributed and stored to different plant parts. It has a function similar to Bt gene, transforming the plant into pesticide.

Furadan. It was given as an example in our Plant Physiology class. A pesticide and nematicide that stays or roots, stems, leaves but not fruits – (?).

Furadan with the active ingredient of Carbofuran is registered in the Philippines based on file updated January 2010, List of Registered Agricultural Pesticides. Registered pesticides with Carbofuran as active ingredients are:

Furadan 10g and 5g
Agrofuran 3g
Biofuran 3g
Fuerza 10g, 3g and 5g
F-dan 3g
ICTC Carbofuran 3g
Furadan Ultra 3g and 5g
Biodan 3g
Futura 3g and 5g
Zapulradan 3g
Supergran 3g
Radisson carbofuran 3g
Puredan 3g
Brifur 10g and 3g
Diafuran 5g, 3g and 10g
United Agro Carbofuran
Furamax 3g
Carbomax 3g
Super Done 3g

Carbofuran is fatal against insects. Fatal against humans, just 1ml dose. A single granular grain can kill a bird. EPA banned its use in year 2009.

Other systemic pesticides which are registered here are Dinotefuran, Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam and Imidacloprid.  stressed, they non-washable pesticides, they are inside plant parts and the plant itself is a poison.

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