Cat, electronic rat repellant or trap?

Pest especially rat has always been a problem. They are running around the house, day and night. Stealing food and what more. They are damaging the place where they nest. Chewing clothes, books and other things they can bite. 

What is the most effective way to eliminate those pesky rats?

I’m sure nothing beats the cats. The two are natural enemies. The rats in our house all disappeared the moment I brought home a kitten.

However as it grows. It hunts not only rats but also food on table. I often felt angry everytime our food was stolen. I always forgot that he was the one doing the rat hunt for me.

When our last cat died. I decided not to have cat again.

Then. Few weeks after, I began seeing rats. I’m going to eat back my words soon, I think!

I tried setting traps. It worked few times and the rest of them are just passing by as if nothing was there. They are really clever than me, but not smarter than cats. 

I thought of getting an ultrasonic pest repellant. An electronic device claimed to produce sound waves unpleasant to pest ears.

Buying the product itself and testing it first hand is the strongest proof I can hold. On the contrary, I want to know what other people think about it. 

Voila! There were claims that it was effective. Mostly found in online store reviews.  Hmm. Something is fishy about those!

There were also lots of bad comments. Saying they were not effective and just waste of money.  

Others proved its efficacy for limited time period. Why limited? The pest that were previously scared usually develops resistance. Later on, they may hear it as music to their ears. It is just like a trap that works now and not later. 

Has anyone of you tried it? Please let me know your opinion!


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