Why Junk Foods Are Cheap?

Stiff competition. We are born with a sweet tooth and perhaps a salty tooth too. We love sweets like soft drinks, instant juice drinks, candies, chocolates and ice cream. Some even occasionally eat pure sugar crystals. We are also fond of eating salty snacks, potato, corn chips, fish crackers, chicharon and corn nut. We eat healthy fruits but usually dip it in rock salt. The example of green mango, rare ripe papaya and guava. The demand is so huge, that manufacturers are doing their very best to gain market share. One of the popular strategy is lower product price.

Who want healthy fruits and vegetables? Please raise your right hand! People will think you have no money if opted for banana cue for lunch. They don’t mind if you eat a pack of crackers instead.

Mass Production. Processing lines consists of high speed machinery capable of producing thousands per minute. The labor, energy and distribution cost per product unit is greatly reduce.

The technology to grow fruits and veggies the same way may not come within few centuries. If that happens, it is sure not healthy.

Long Storage Life. Most junk foods are shelf stable. No need for special handling or storage facility, with the exception of dirty ice cream and the likes.

On the other hand, green leafy vegetables barely last for a day. A fruit for a week. They are also prone to handling and mechanical damages. The cost of which should be levied to remaining salable items. Homemade foods are often healthier but cannot compete with the price range of commercials.

Low Raw Material Cost. What are the raw materials for making instant juice drink? Water and flavor. It was really cheap as mentioned by a successful businessman. If the material happens to be expensive, extenders are always there to the rescue.  Don’t ever think that affordable potato chips are made of 90% potatoes. Fish crackers are named wrongly. It should be fish flavored crackers.


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