11 Fake / Adulterated Foods From China

China government is doing all efforts to clear the offenders and stop other individuals from making dangerous food commodities. Some of the fake / adulterated foods are: poison dropper bottle

1) Pork with banned steroid clenbuterol – a steroid often used as an asthma medication and made the pig meat lean. It is not safe for human consumption. The chemical can cause heart palpitations.

2) Rice contaminated with cadmium. The heavy metal contaminants are discharge from smelters. It is an extremely toxic chemical.

3) Soy sauce with arsenic. Can cause poisoning. A medical condition caused by increased levels of the element arsenic in the body. It interferes with cellular longevity by allosteric inhibition of an essential metabolic enzyme. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include headache, confusion, convulsion, diarrhoea, vomiting, and in severe cases coma and death [wikipedia].

4) Mushrooms are treated with fluorescent bleach.

5) Wine diluted with suagared water and other chemicals.

6) Pork are treated with borate to mimic the appearance of beef. They are indeed sold as beef.

7) Bean sprouts grow faster by using sodium nitrite, urea, antibiotic and plant hormone. Antibiotics should not be taken by people without prescription of medical practitioner. The end product also look more appealing.

8) Melamine in milk . It was added to milk to make its protein content appear higher and increase producer’s profit. It killed at least six babies and made other 300,00 ill. Some of them suffered from serious kidney problems.

9) Stale steamed buns. Stale breads are added with illegal color and sweetener to hide the bad flavor and appearance.

10) Noodles flavored with ink and paraffin. Inks are for printing purposes while paraffin are for making candles. Why they are making it part of human foods?

11)The fake eggs. It is made of paraffin, gelatin and other chemicals such as sodium alga acid, baifan, sodium benzoate, lactone, carboxymethylcellulose, calcium carbide, lysine, food coloring, calcium chloride, gypsum powder. The easiest way to differentiate the fake from original is the characteristic smell of a normal chicken egg – smells like live chicken.

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