And Now, The Fake Rice from China

Has anyone here encountered fake rice, seen in close proximity, touched, cooked or the worst eaten. I never asks anyone to eat it. In case, I pray that you are still in your top health by now.  Second,  please send me a high resolution photo, describe how it look, how it changes during cooking, how it taste and its distinctive characteristics from the real rice. It is for the benefits of the masses.

I already saw fake rice, but only on internet and television news. Blurred photos and videos that could not be used for distinguishing between the two.

I first saw a video in my newsfeed. A series of machinery that shred plastics (composition not known, of course), melt, form to thin strands, cool, then cut and sold as rice. There are angry comments, which are natural reactions. However, most netizens corrected that it is a sort of plastic pelleting machine. The final product is raw material called plastic pellets, a raw material for moulding industries. Thru majority rule, I never believed it was a fake rice. I let it passed.

Few days ago, television news seemed want to make me believe that there is really fake rice, and it is originating from none other than China. A family from Davao was the reported first victim. The only detail I remembered – the cooked fake rice looks very much like styrofore after pressing in between palms.

update as of Dec 22, 2016

A friend of ours, living in Dasmarinas Cavite, told us about his fake rice experience. What they bought was not completely fake. It was adulterated with fake styrofoam-like rice. The fake grains floated after  watering while the real sank.

The rice seller was clever enough to price it higher than regular offering so no one would suspect.


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