Snorting Chocolate : Is It safe?

Few years ago, I read an article about a man promoting the “snorting of chocolate”. Snorting not chocolate block, but powder instead. Cocoa liquor that has been extracted of butter and ground finely.

It is said to give a different kind of “high”. If the statement is true, then maybe, it is a good alternative of addictive drugs. It is cheap, legal and readily available. It is safe for user and people around him. No reports of deaths, suicide and killings due to chocolate addiction. Up until now. I am not sure of consequences if it becomes as addictive as the others.

Few days back, local news reported about “chocolate snorting”. I think it is getting more popular among party goers.

Snort literally means inhale through the nose. Cocoa powder that is meant to go inside stomach via mouth is taking a detour. Through the nose instead.

Let us detour the topic a little. When we swallow foods, the air path to lungs closes. It prevents entry of food to lungs. For some reasons while we are eating and talking nonsense, some debris accidentaly enter the lungs. It is not meant to be there so our system response. We feel pain and experience forceful coughing getting rid of foreign object.

By inhaling, we are forcing air to our lungs. By inhaling chocolate powder, we are forcing it to our lung. Meaning, we want it to enter where it is not meant to be.

We breath dust everyday and our lungs have mechanism to get rid of them. However, if we breath too much, lungs will work double time until it cannot handle load anymore, resulting to illness.

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