Feeding Bottles Recycling 7 Symbol is Covered with a Price Tag

covered feeding bottle identity

My wife and I went to nearby town to pay some bills. Actually the town is three towns away from our home. We arrived at the bank early so we had ample time to visit the nearby super mall.

We took our lunch at Chowking. We bought two orders of wanton noodles with accompanying hot sauce. After the yummy lunch, we went to department store to look for some baby stuffs, toys, clothes, socks and feeding bottles.

Buying toys, clothes and socks were easy. Our baby boy is only 8-months old so we are sure that he will like every piece that we are going to buy. However, buying feeding bottles is a different thing. Most of us are now aware of the “bisphenol a” content of some feeding bottles. Those bottles are polycarbonate with a recycling symbol of 7.

Baby feeding bottles with code 7 should not be bought and used. Their Bisphenol A content have a bad effects on body’s reproductive system, eg. small genitals and sterility. Bottles without recycling code are doubtful, their composition is unknown. Taking chances is not a good idea.

covered feeding bottle identity

Spotting which feeding bottles have code 7 or no code at all should be easy. What made inspection hard was – they are placing the price tags at bottle bottom. Those tags are covering the code. I never know if the case was intentional or not. This mall should be aware that those code 7 bottles are harmful to babies health. They should not sell any products that may harm their customers’ health.

By the way, we are looking for a safer polypropelene (PP) milk bottles. Their recycling symbol is number “5”. Now, most polypropelene milk bottles have slogan – bisphenol a free -.

update as of June 19, 2016:

Low level BPA exposure is safe according to FDA. See “FDA Approved Number 7 Juice Bottle ?


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