What if Coffee has Cancer Warning?

What are you going to do if the next coffee you ordered has a cancer warning sign? Will you still enjoy it. Order again next time? Try a different or perhaps safer brand? The daily dose of morning stimulant is like getting a portion of cancer every time.

Los Angeles, California judge ruled that coffee served by major players in their territory must have cancer warning sign. That was cruel! A real deal breaker.

The NGO Council for Education and Research on Toxics is the petitioner. For all we know, many foods when heated (boiled, fried, roasted or any other heating forms), produces a cancerous substance called acrylamide. However, the amounts are usually down to acceptable levels.

Why now? Why coffee? There are so many other pressing matters. If they are gonna start putting cancer warning sign on every suspected unsafe foods. Then majority of commodities will have it. People won’t die of cancer, hunger instead.

They must be holding strong evidence that acrylamide in coffee is high enough to cause such. It may also boil down to habit. When I was working in laboratory I was consuming about 4-6 strong cups a day. I had to take a day or two break when my tummy became too acidic from drinking too much. Now there is more reason to refrain.

If I follow the logic. Heating foods naturally produces acrylamide. I must eat all raw or barely heated. Hope there is a way to cook rice and bake bread with no heat! That is absurd. Heat is essential to get rid majority of harmful microorganisms. We are going back and forth and yet the safety is still not assured.

The companies objected of course, but they must present proof that acrylamide level in coffee is at safe level. They sure have money to fund research but what if the results are not in their favor? They have no choice but to follow court ruling. The worst! Other countries may follow.

Will coffee consumption decrease? The world’s second most traded commodity go down the hill? I doubt it! The authorities must do more than that to turn the tide. People are born stubborn. Doing things even if the commodity is declared harmful and illegal.

Illegal drug trade is still on-going despite heavy punishments to both users and traders. They put heavy excise tax on cigarette, alcohol and sugar. Put images if ill person on cigarette packs. Campaign against them is regularly done. Yet, sales still continues. Perhaps, customers might perceive it as some sort of decoration.


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