People Who Drink More Coffee Lives Longer

There are so many contradicting studies and stories about coffee. Some are good and some are bad. Their numerous quantity makes me doubt what to believe. Should we avoid coffee or not?

I think the keys are purity and moderation. Anything taken in excess is harmful. Alcohol in moderation is beneficial but too much is detrimental. The same thing for coffee. A cup while studying gives you a boost. However, taking two consecutive or more makes you immune to its effects. Then, your body feels more tired after the effects wears out.

The manner most of us drink coffee is way to unhealthy. We prefer the instant powder with variety of sweeter and flavorings over the freshly brewed from pure ground roasted coffee. If what available is pure instant, we are adding one to two tablespoons sugar for every 1/4 tsp. We are taking too much sugar for every coffee grain.

Here is another good thing, courtesy of People who drink more coffee tend to have a longer life. Hu! How about me? I rarely drink coffee since my last office job and it stopped completely after mama halted buying coffee for our family consumption.

This was the result of 20-year study of Dr. Frank Hu and ten co-authors of Harvard Medical School. It involved 210,000 people and years of follow up made it 4.7 million person-years of data. With that time length and numerous people involved, it must be a reliable basis. They sure accumulated millions to billions of mind breaking data.

In general coffee is connected with decreased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver ailment and liver cancer. Helps reduce depression and suicide tendency. Improves body’s sugar metabolism, insulin sensitivity and reduces inflammation.

With our bad habit of adding too much sugar, the “improve sugar metabolism ” is null. The amount of coffee in one cup cannot overcome the quantity of sugar it comes with. It was also found that smoking masks the positive effects.

Now, if you think drinking coffee will make you really live longer. Think again! It is your overall health habit that matters. A single good thing mixed with tons of bad will never make a difference.


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