Is It Ok To Cook Spoiled Meat

My auntie told me that they threw away almost two kilograms of chicken meat. Uncle left the meat in basket. He forgot to place it inside the refrigerator. They discovered the forgotten meat the day after. The meat was already emitting bad smell, spoiled. chicken meat illustrations

It is hard to earn money nowadays. She tried to save the expensive meat by washing it. The smell was gone after thorough washing. Hoping the meat was still good, she tried to cook it. After a couple of minutes the meat started emitting bad smell again. She decided to threw away the meat. Eating it could bring hazard and more expenses.

The same situation happened to me and my friend when I was still in college. We tried to save the meat that we left unrefrigerated for one day.

Lesson learned. Never try to cooked or eat spoiled meat. Thorough washing might removed bad smell but the spoiled state of the meat cannot be reverted. Cooking will make the foul odor more intense.

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