A Desiccant That Never Looks Like A Candy

What is wrong with desiccant design?

What is “desiccant” anyway? They are media meant to absorb moisture where they are placed into. They are often found in shoe boxes and multivitamin bottles. They are siliga gels packed in candy like form.

I already said it. They look like candies. Toddlers and kids could easily mistaken them as such. We know it, but we, adults often take it for granted. Leaving shoe boxes and the likes anywhere, and medicines of children reach.

By nature, silica gel are harmless and stable substance. However, those intended for industrial application are impregnated with cobalt(II)chloride. This carcinogenic chemical serves as moisture indicator, deep blue when dry and pink when moist. I am sure those intended for laboratory use has this chemical. Those inside consumer products are in doubt. I guess i need to verify.

When I was working in university laboratory. I handled silica gel for years, often with bare hands. Possibility of its harm never crossed my mind.

For the first time, I see a desiccant that never looks like a candy. It is a mini cylindrical canister with several pores on top. Is sitting besides multivitamin capsules. Its shape and color are different, so I know right away it is not one of them. A kind of preservative rather.


It is safer. It has no resemblance to candy. No one would think it as… Besides, a warning sign is legibly written in red. “Desiccant. Do not eat”. However, a toddler will still put it in his mouth, because it is his habit.


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