Prevent DEHP Exposure: The List Of Contaminated Products

The government of Taiwan released the list over 200 products doubted to have DEHP contamination. The list is now in hand of Philippine government.

Here are the general list as translated by ABS-CBN. The list is written in Taiwanese language.dehp scare

136 fruit jam and jelly
14 tea drink
10 energy drinks
19 fruit juices

DEHP, Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, is used in replacement of palm oil. The purpose is to prevent the separation of oil and water (emulsifier). However the real purpose of the said chemical is as plastic solvent. Intake of DEHP causes the following symptoms:

1) Significant amount of DEHP in blood of pregnant women is associated with child’s decrease penis size, short anogenital distance and incomplete descent of testes. The same results are found in test animals.

2) High levels might cause obesity and diabetics.

3) Intake of large amount cause acute toxicity. Lethal dose in rats is 30g/kg. Quantity of 24g/kg on rabbit skin will cause death.

4) Might cause heart problems.

These are the implicated products with DEHP as published by Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last May 31, 2011


–recalled May 27, 2011
Sports drinks and juice
Presotea tea drink

recalled May 29, 2011
Strawberry and Grape-flavored prescription syrup

recalled May 26, 2011
Nature House Lactic Acidic Bacteria (Apple Vinegar-flavored lactic acid powder)
Skinnny Dietary Drinks
Taiwan Sugar Ginger Clam Tablets


recalled May 31, 2011
Sunlight Brand Drinks (Star Fruit Juice)


recalled May 30, 2011
Speed Sports Drink
Speed Sports Drink Lemon Flavour
Brands Calcium Grow Chewable Tablets

Xiamen, China

recalled May 30, 2011
A-Sali guava juice

Beijing, China

recalled May 28, 2011
Beverages (produced by Taiwan Yes Sports Drink)
Brand’s Calcium Grow Chewable Tablets


recalled May 28, 2011
Possmei’s Passion Fruit Juice
Possmei’s Mango Juice
Possmei’s Litchi Juice
Possmei’s Passion Fruit Jam
Trojan’s Mango Juice
Trojan’s Passion Fruit Jam
Trojan’s Dark Plum Jam

Update as of June 4, 2011

– Beauty products and children’s toys are also contaminated by dehp. Extent of contamination cannot be determined by authorities cause they have no enough equipment to do so.

– Too much dehp exposure during mother’s pregnancy may cause a boy to have a girl personality and vice versa.

– Too much consumption may cause vomiting.

– The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released an order to stop the importation of Taiwan DEHP contaminated products. They  also did an inspection (together with BFAD) in several supermarkets to assure no doubted brands are available on shelves.

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