Examining The Contents of Oxygen Absorbers

Two packs of different oxygen absorber brands. Almost 20 times bigger than what I previously saw in pack of hopia. Both brands came from the same commodity, from the package of vacuum packed skinless peanuts. Vacuum packing drew out air and the pack of oxygen absorber scavenged residual oxygen. Two heads are better than one, thus two means are better than one.

2 packs oxygen absorbers

The film surface has equally spaced tiny dots. A provision for oxygen passage and reaction with iron dust. When iron and oxygen come in contact, it form iron oxide thus rendering the latter unavailable.

I came home carrying the two packs of deoxidizers. My son hurriedly came asking for it. He thought it were candies. He could have opened and ate it if he found it my bag alone. I look at two packages again and realized they were really like packs of candies. The manufacturer should have packed it in a less attractive manner. Dull colors and awful looking shape. A snake or tarantula image will do.

What were inside? I cut open one package and slowly place it near my nose. No foul odor and no attractive scent either. It was a pack of granulated soil. I thought it really was. The second pack has the same flat smell but granulated in appearance. Both have traces of silver color – maybe they were the iron dust meant for absorbing oxygen.

granulated oxygen absorbers

powdered oxygen absorbers

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