Dioxins and Polychlorinated Biphenols Effects

Every food and drink we consume might contain some amount of unwanted substances or contaminants. It may render an immediate or long term effects. Dioxins and PCB, polychlorinated biphenols are among them.

Where dioxin and PCBs can be found?ordinary house chimney

These contaminants can be found in foods high in animal fat, such as milk, meat, fish and eggs but all foods might contain low levels of these chemicals. Contaminants may came from household fires and industrial fumes. Release of dioxin in industry is strictly controlled. The use of PCB, polychlorinated biphenols was already restricted.

Dioxins and PCB may affect any individual over a long period of exposure. Level of intake vary with diet, so a balance diet reduce the risk of effects. Effects of the two contaminants are already obbserved in certain animals. It includes cancer, damage to immune system and reproductive systems.

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