The Dirty Manufacturing Plant of Happiness Miki

Yesterday was grandma’s birthday. One of my niece was celebrating her birthday too. Both of them gave me pansit for merienda. I was still full so I planned to it it before midnight.

pancit with rice

I ate the pancit as planned. I got some rice and mixed it with the food of life longevity. It is believed that pancit will make its eater life last longer. We know the fact that it is not true especially if it comes from a dirty manufacturing plant.

I stopped eating when GMA7 Imbestigador stories flashed on television screen. A pancit manufacturing at Cainta, Rizal is very dirty. I still remember some of the details:

1) Dusty flooring. Hmm… Why they have no time to sweep the floor clean?
2) Cats and dogs are passing by. Any animals should not be allowed to enter food processing area. They might carry dirt and microbes. Plus their furs might enter to food commodities.
3) Dark and dirty cooking oil. It should be replaced regularly. Repeated use causes rancidity. Rancid oils has free radicals that damage cells, speed up aging, causes heart diseases and cancer.
4) Burnt cooking vessels. It should be cleaned every end of the day.
5) Dirty kitchen utensils. Same comment as number 4.
6) Workers are wearing shorts, no t-shirts, no hand gloves and boots. Proper clothes are hair net, face mask, white long sleeves, hand gloves, long pants and boots. Skin contact with food should be minimal.
7) Workers are sweating all over. Sweats are unwanted food ingredients. Imagine eating a sweat flavored pansit. Adequate ventilation should be provided for worker’s convenience.
8) Workers have no health certificate. Some diseases are transferable from humans to food to another human.

Team Imbestigador bought some sample for laboratory analysis. Here are the results in cfu/g (colony forming units per gram).

Standard Plate Count   =   820
Total Coliform     <10
E.coli         <10
Salmonella – I cannot recall the exact value. Sorry!
Staphylococcus aureaus     =   positive

Factory owner is Ruth Perillo-Lo. Would you still buy her product Happiness Miki? Authorities ordered a  temporary closure order due to violation of PD-856 and PD-522 (Sanitation Code of the Philippines).

My snack is a pancit bihon so I finished it all.

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