Still, The Styrofor Cups and Lunch Boxes

When she said get some coffee cups I was expecting paper cups. Not the thick and easy to handle styrofor. It has been banned in major cities local and abroad. However, what arrived was the old usual thing. Not just that, the lunch boxes they used for lunch was made of the same thing.

Some time ago several local places, one by one, implemented ban of disposable plastic bags, including coffee cups, lunch boxes, cold drinks cups and the likes. They are local ordinances though. I never know someone proposed it to become national law. Not every locals followed the lead, specially those not experiencing severe pollution yet. I am basing my judgment on place of occurrence. This place, it has lot of trees, grasses, clean surroundings and major rivers are clean. It has pretty large rooms for reckless dumping, I say.

The feel to save the environment comes when the damage is too great, almost beyond salvation. There is a commission to save the biologically dead Pasig River. However, how can we save it if the unfiltered residential and industrial effluents and garbages end down to it. Trees once beside it were replaced with tall buildings and residences. Most water flora and fauna have been killed by dirt, except those naturally thrive in polluted places.

The effort phasing out of disposables in lieu of recyclables and biodegradable came several decades later after its effect was felt. Recyclables that are not fully recyclables. Biodegradable that takes very long time to decompose. Like the oxo-biodegradable plastics that takes very long time to disintegrate under sun’s ray. Hope is futile when sun is out sleeping. The popular coffee cup is not fully biodegradable and hard to recycle. The internal polyethylene lining is the culprit.

styrofor coffee cup

Back to the scene. They brought in limited number of coffee cups. The town is a bit far. Traveling for the sake of getting more is a bit of a bother. They are collecting the used cups back and washing for reuse. FYI, made to contain hot coffee and hot soup in alternate fashion. Not too sanitary of course, they are meant for single use. Cups that gone to bad hands end up litter right away. More than 90% of the lunch boxes, on the other hand, were found on the ground minutes after the banquet.

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