The 7 Double Edge Swords – Foods That Have Benefits and Side Effects

Foods are meant to fuel our body. Provide us with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. However, some of them provide more than nutrients. They also supply harmful substances.

1) Meat – Everyone’s favorite, most would trade two cups of veggies for a cup of meat. It is the main source of protein and B vitamins. skull and sword

Related to development of many life threatening diseases. Contain significant amount of bad cholesterol which clogged arteries and result to heart attack.

2) Alcohol – Drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial, good for the heart. We believed the healthiest alcohol is the red wine.

Abuse of alcohol brings out the side effects. It is diuretic. Excessive water excretion will lead to dehydration, then lack of mind body coordination. Too much dehydration is fatal.

Alcohol consumption gives your liver an extra work to do. Making your liver work overtime might lead to failure.

3) Coffee – A cup of coffee gives an extra energy to do more jobs. It has beneficial antioxidants – for cell repair, fighting cancer and  avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

On the other side. The extra energy given by coffee will wear off and you’ll feel very tired in the end. Drinking coffee to do more job is pushing yourself to the limits.

It is also known to decrease insulin resistance and might lead to diabetes. Insulin is responsible for converting blo0d sugar to energy.

4) Chocolate – The weakness of every lady. The effects are similar to coffee – only milder. Plus, the added sugar increase intake of unneeded calories.

5) Botox – This can cure variety of illness such as blepharospasm, strabismus, removal of wrinkles, muscle spasms, upper motor neuron syndrome, sweating and cervical dystonia.

However, it is a very potent botulinum toxin – when ingested or applied in excessive amount. The toxin is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

6) Cola and energy drink –  Consuming in moderation is beneficial. It has immediate energy increasing effect.

Too much will just add unneeded calories and disturb balance diet. Most of the formulations contain caffeine – see coffee effects.

7) Antioxidant (Vitamin C, E) rich foods – They have good reputation – see in coffee.

Then , what are the bad effects. They are harmful during the course of chemotherapy cause they tend to protect cancer cells. Foods rich in antioxidants are not recommended  during this kind of treatment.

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  1. i want to know about no. 7 mentioned above for those having chemo can ou specify that antioxidant foods which are protecting the cancer cells while on chemo thanks

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