Ready Sterilized Bottled Water for Baby's Milk

Are you on travel and forgot to bring sterilized water for baby’s milk, your reserve was depleted, or you are too lazy / too busy to do the hard work?

Good news for you! There is an instant for almost every item you need, and  a ready sterilized water for your baby milk preparation need is also available.

dr edwards sterilized drinking water 1

The label never tells it is intended for the purpose but the packaging is suggestive of.. Its shape really looks like a baby bottle and it has wide screw cap opening, seem fits perfectly with a nipple.

dr edwards sterilized drinking water 2

Dr. Edwards Sterilized Drinking water with FluoridePlus undergoes a medical grade sterilization. Each bottle is sealed with a triple-secure closure system for additional protection and safety. Fluoride is a popular ingredient of toothpaste. It prevents tooth decay.

To prepare, open the cap. Add the right amount of milk. Cap the nipple. Shake well. Voila! Your babies milk is ready.

Own point of views.

A distilled water will do but all the empty bottles should be sterilized prior to use.

The transfer of liquid from one container to another harbor contaminants.

The more the distilled water is opened and closed. The greater chance it can get harmful microorganisms.

You only need sterilized nipples and caps. You can leave all the canisters at home.

It saves time and effort. Safer but cost more.

Base on own experience, too much cleanliness is not good. Give your child a chance to develop its own immune system.


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  • If dr. Edwards sterilized water with floride ok for new born baby and up? Pls reply. Tnx

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