Red Tide Alert – Tahong Raisers at Balanga, Bataan Ate Their Catch

Its not safe to eat tahong, talaba and other shellfish during RED TIDE alert but some people are risking their lives to earn a living. Please don’t do the same!

[GMA-7 24 Oras] Tahong and talaba raisers at Balanga, Bataan ate their raw live tahong catch in front of GMA-7 news camera (GMA-7 news team tried to stop them). tahong red tideThey are trying to prove that their place is no longer affected by red tide. According to tahong raisers, the sea is not reddish and the shellfish taste slightly sweet (eating tahong from past few days brought itchiness in mouth).

They wish to remove the shellfish ban. Their livelihood are severely affected by red tide. Most tahong raisers have no other source of income. No one want to buy alleged poisonous tahong.

Sales of other seafoods such as fish, prawns and crabs are also affected. Those sea creatures are not affected by red tide. Authorities remind the public that those are safe to eat.

Local government of Balanga, Bataan plan to conduct livelihood trainings to help its residents.

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