The Danger of Egg Surprise Toys

Whenever possible, I forbid my kids from buying egg surprise toys. It is both food and toy. The kid gets a surprise toy after finishing the edible part, often chocolate. It is fun but kinda dangerous. You know what I mean. Kids buy it for fun. Every egg has hidden toy inside. The only way to know is by buying and opening it themselves.

For me, the value of the food and toy inside is not worth. The only exciting part is opening. Then they rarely play with it after. The edible portion is barely felt in tummy and is unhealthy. Money gone to waste. We could have used it for more valuable toy instead, buy healthier food or rent a playground.

The danger of choking is only a second thing for me. The first time they got it, my wife guided them carefully. She broke open the very first and showed them the inedible toy.

In my own opinion, several criteria should be met before it can be offered for sale. Warning of choking hazard should be legibly written on product label. The toy is made of safe and inert material. It shall not impart flavors or other substances. The buyer is able to read and understand. If given to toddler, he should be well guided by an able able adult.

For manufacturers aiming for low cost selling price, the use of inert material might be an issue. Food safe plastics usually commands higher capital than questionable and recycled rawmats.

Negligence is part of the problem. Just giving it to kids without appropriate directions is likely to result to choking because anyone has the tendency to consume chocolate rapidly.

When I was a kid, eating large bangkok santol was my favorite thing. It was so delicious and the seed was slippery. It often slipped through and blocked my throat. Good thing my mom was always there to the rescue, otherwise, the poor me would have gone to afterlife a long time ago.

I imagined if the thing that blocked my throat before was an irregularly shaped toy. Santol seed slippery nature made it easy for her to force it out my throat. If it was the other, then only a doctor could help me.

As of date, this egg surprise toys and the likes are banned in the US. Prevention is better than cure.


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