Fake Biogesic

Another fake medicine is in circulation. Someone is using the brand Biogesic for their own evil gain. For me, doing something purely for the sake of money is simply evil.

When a certain medicine is discovered. The person/company concerned may file a patent giving him an exclusive right to produce. Other parties should seek permission and pay appropriate fees. This what makes new medicine commands such a steep price.

Patent is a limited time privilege. After a certain period, the formula will become available to general public. Anyone with appropriate license to manufacture has the freedom to do so. Depending on demand, different brands will start entering the market, dropping down the value to affordable level.

Alternative brands with the same base ingredient is commonly called generics. As experts say, know the generic name and look for a cheaper brand of the same generic name. The price is probably cheaper but the affect is guaranteed the same.

As our previous doctor said. Ingredients for medicine manufacture and the process itself is cheap. Research, trials, advertising and patents are the factors of price increased.

It is clear how the generic manufacturer can lower their prices. They are using the recipe that were formulated by big companies and skipping the costly advertisements.

However, some entities with evil intentions take advantage. They are producing and selling under the name of popular brands. Fake in short. Lucky you if they diligently follow the formulation. Dilemma if not. They might have manufacturing facility that never met good manufacturing practices and other standards set by authorities. The worse case, it can make you more sick than better.

I won’t go pointing out how to spot fake medicines. They change their strategy frequently to avoid being spotted and make more sales. The best thing you can do is buy only from accredited and trusted pharmacies. Them selling fake medicines is very unlikely. Trying to save money on medicine might put you in worst scenario.


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