Fake Coke Rumors

Nowadays, it is not suprising to hear news of fake products. Fake here, fake there and fake everywhere. There are too many of them that they sound ordinary thing. They don’t seem like news anymore.

On the contrary, it is still bothersome when the fake food is your favorite thing. Fake Coke! Have you seen it trending on social networks. A dirty warehouse with complete equipment and materials for cloning the brand. Flavors, water, bottles, cases, caps, labels and capping devices.

fake coke manufacture

Why not. Fake business is easy to start with. Low capital investment. Low ingredient cost. Any hidden processing area will do. The one away from people’s furious eyes. No problem either on market entry. Distribute it right away and the original brand owner will do the marketing for you. If untoward incident happened (which is likely), the original brand owner will also be held liable. However, they will pass no mercy on you after apprehension.

Softdrinks are not healthy by nature. Drinking on a regular has bad effects after. Incidentally taking the fake icreases the risk by a hundred fold. Your next bottle might be your last.

If you are not a softdrink fan, then you don’t have to worry about it.

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