How to Avoid Fake Foods

1) Know your food. You probably know how your favorite foods taste like. The regular meal and snacks you eat everyday. Their appearances, aroma, span of life and its changes over time. There might be wrong if something is changed. Ask yourself, know what others think, do research or even ask the food manufacturer. Report it to food regulation authorities if you think it might bring harm to human health.

2) Never patronize habitual fakers. If a certain company/group/ or community is repeatedly reported to be engaged in manufacture and distribution of fake goods, do not buy and spread the word by any means possible. Habitual fakers are hard to stop and their produce are difficult to differentiate from others.

Everybody knows where the regular fake goods come from. No need to mention the name.

I mean no offense to anyone!

3) Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and other natural products. I am looking back at trends and couldn’t remember any news about fake fruits and vegetables. None about fresh fish either. There is none for the time being. Stay on guard however. The technology for imitating these might come sooner than expected.

4) Be suspicious and observant! Inspect everything carefully before digging in. Sniff before tasting and taste a little before swallowing. I kinda developed this habit for detecting spoiled food. Please go back to item number 1 if you found anything suspicious.

5) Keep in touch! Hear television news and read web updates from food authorities. Namely: DOH, FDA, DA and BFAR.  On rare instances, alarms could also be found on Facebook wall. It is a great way of keeping informed and away from notorious fakers.


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