How To Identify Fake versus Real Rice

There were reports saying fake rice have already reached Novaliches Quezon City. According to residents, the alleged fake grains have no powdery thing and the cooked was still in good condition after four days. They have to be suspicious. Rice has powdery coating that makes the water cloudy and it spoils fast. A few hours if not properly stored.

According to National Food Authority (NFA), naturally produce rice has groove on side of the tip. It won’t be present if the rice is extruded. The supposed fake was found real rice.

A case in Davao was found positive. The commodity was contaminated with dibutyl phthalate, a plasticiser. They added, it is possible, the plasticiser is mixed with starch and extruded.

The alleged fake rice crumbles when pinched while the real sticks to fingers.

Other obvious signs of fake are:
– whiter than usual – real are commonly dirty white with uneven shade.
– shiny – rice never shines but plastics do.
– uniform sizes – I think it is the most obvious mark. Natures product are made with uneven sizes and shapes.
– round – though there are round rice varieties
– plastic odor
– a layer of plastic formed on top when cooked. In case it slipped thru your sharp senses.

Authorities are not sure if the allegedly fake rice was imported or locally manufactured. However, most of us already accused someone!

Don’t be afraid. It is harmful only if you eat it everyday for three months. I am sure we are not dumb not to notice for the very first accidental try.

update as of Dec 22, 2016

A friend of ours, living in Dasmarinas Cavite, told us about his fake rice experience. What they bought was not completely fake. It was adulterated with fake styrofoam-like rice. The fake grains floated after  watering while the real sank.

The rice seller was clever enough to price it higher than regular offering so no one would suspect.


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