Fake Salt

Yet another fake news. Three men from China were accused of manufacturing ten thousand tons of fake salt. The salt was said a product of processing waste agricultural chemicals. Further details about the waste were not disclosed. No reports of consumer complaints, food poisoning or untoward incident. However, considering the quantity produced, it was very likely that it reached consumer plates already.

Salt has two common sources, rock deposits and ocean. The latter being inexhaustible. Seawater has about 3.5 percent salt which could be harvested by evaporation. If the natural source is almost limitless, then why do some people are tempted to do it the wrong way. These people has just invented a third source. Chemical waste were procured for 0.75 dollars/lbs and then sold for 30 US dollars/lbs after processing.

Common salt is extracted from sea. If we don’t take care of our sea and keep dumping garbage on it, our salt will be nothing more than this fake salt make from chemical wastes.

Wait! Salt’s chemical name is sodium chloride. If the bad guys were producing the exact same chemical out of wastes, then, their products were not fake. There were real. The thing that make it bad was the source. Chemical wastes are dangerous for human consumption. The chances of having harmful residues freak us.


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