Are those Fish Safe to Eat? Fish Kill at Anda, Pangasinan

I heard from ABS-CBN news – Bandila:

More than 40 tons of milkfish (bangus) died at Anda Pangasinan. Municipal agricultural office have no explanations about the cause of such incidence. According to fishermen this could be the result of two factors: 1) Fish are suffocated due to excessive dung. The management increased the amount of feeds to hasten the fish growth. and 2) Bangus died due to lack of oxygen. Fish kill resulted a lost of more that two million pesos.

Definitely those fish are not safe to eat. Fish that are floating had undergone the process of rigor mortis. This process starts within 12 hours from the time of catch unless covered with ice or frozen.  Rigor mortis is the process through which fish loses its flexibility due to stiffening of fish mussels after few hour of its death. Then this process is followed by breakdown of various components and formation of new compounds responsible for changes in odor, flavor and texture.

Fish that are sold in supermarkets, public markets and talipapa are frozen or covered with ice to maintain freshness.  Good fish still sinks in water.  So you will not buy those fish that are floating on vendor’s banyera, large basin.

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