Toxic Dioxins in Disposable Foam Lunch Boxes

An old friend of mine bought me a lunch. We never seen each other for some time. He paid for the lunch as a treat. The food really looked yummy – fried chicken leg, rice and leafy veggies. He heated it in microwave oven before serving.

I was shocked when we started to eat the food. The taste was awful. I was not sure if his food tasted the same cause he was not complaining. I was sure that it was not spoiled by microbial action. The foods were packed in a disposable foam lunch boxes. Maybe he heated the food longer. Some packaging components migrated to meal. The hot chicken leg created a scar on foam surface. toxic logo

I was very shy to tell  him. I managed to finish it though.

According to reports, 10 out of 17 disposable foam lunch boxes manufacturers in China are still  producing the toxic type of  this packaging. Some disposable foam lunchboxes are dangerous cause they release toxic dioxin when heated above 65ºC.  Now the issue about my lunch was clear. Food should not be heated when in foam or toxic chemical will be released. How scary!? I was lucky that lunch never caused any harm to me.

Manufacturers that won’t comply with the requirements will be under forced closure to ensure public safety. Those who plan to produce such products need to secure a license before they can start operation.

Philippines is far away from China so we don’t have to worry about the issue. Wrong cause Chinese products are everywhere! Almost every toys I see is made in China including the plastic wares, kitchen utensils and other home accessories. The chance that disposable lunchboxes we use and see are made in China. It can be toxic.

I never know to identify which foam products are toxic and which are not. Maybe the best solution is avoid  all of them. Besides they are not  environment friendly.

The fast food chain giants, McDonalds and Jollibee, have shifted to non disposable  ceramic or plastic plates.


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