How to Implement Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene Basic Texts Fourth Edition

Do you want to know how to implement food hygiene? Well, reading this ebook will be a good start.

The Codex basic texts on food hygiene promote understanding of how rules and regulations on food hygiene are developed and applied. The General Principles of food hygiene cover hygiene practices from primary production through to final consumption, highlighting the key hygiene controls at each stage. This publication also contains the most internationally used description of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and guidelines for its application. This fourth edition includes texts adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission up to 2009. The texts will be of use to government authorities, food industries, food handlers and consumers, as well as teachers and students of food hygiene. (FAO)

Here are some useful contents of the ebook.

  • Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygiene
  • Principles for the Establishment and Application of Microbiological Criteria for Foods
  • Principles and Guidelines for the Conduct of Microbiological Risk Assessment
  • Principles and Guidelines for the Conduct of Microbiological Risk Management (MRM)
  • General Standard For Irradiated Foods
  • Recommended International Code Of Practice For Radiation Processing Of Food
  • Guidelines On The Application of General Principles of Food Hygiene to the Control of Listeria Monocytogenes in Foods

See the full document here in case you are interested.

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