What To Do In Case of Food Poisoning?

Everyone is paying attention to food they eat. They make sure that they are free from bad odors, spoilage and chemicals that may harm them or their love ones. No one want to suffer from diarrhea and other illness because of  food poisoning. The scenario may not be true for individuals who have not enough money to buy decent foods.

On the other hand, anyone cannot avoid food poisoning no matter how careful is he. In case food poisoning is encountered, do the following:food food safety

1) Preserved the suspected food if there is anything left.  Wrap the food. Avoid its contact with other food to prevent cross contamination of pathogens. Mark it with “DANGER” and freeze it. Take note where the food is bought, the manufacturer , restaurant or vendor. Additionally, write down the time of eating, symptoms and time of occurrence.

2) Seek medical attention especially if experiencing bloody diarrhea, excessive nausea, vomiting and high temperature. Children should be brought to doctor immediately.

3) Call the health department immediately if the food product is in massive distribution, Department of Health or Philippine Food and Drug Administration. A product recall or suspension is necessary to avoid more food poisoning cases.

4) Media contact is a good option for immediate broadcast.

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