Is Genetically Modified Salmon Safe?

The next salmon on your plate might be a genetically modified salmon. The use of genetically modified salmon is on debate. GM salmon grows twice as fast compared to Atlantic salmon. Developed by a biotech firm in Massachusetts. The fish is called AquAvantage. Currently, genetically modified animals are not allowed for food use.  In case approved by US FDA, this would be the first genetically engineered meat for human consumption.

From the word “genetically modified organisms”, we know that the genes of species are altered  to achieved a desired effect. Outcome may include faster growth, bigger end product (bigger animals or bigger fruit), higher yield,  and pest resistance (like the Bt corn that kills worm).

Watch some debate! Please report if broken!

Genetic engineering have good purposes. When the good outcome was achieved, some possible side effects may also arise. It may affect human health or environment. All GMOs are tested thoroughly before public release to guarantee its safety. But the real testing begins after its release to public. Discovery of side effects may take years, decade or centuries.

Are you willing to be one of the guinea pig?

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