Is Gum Rosin Safe as Food Emulsifier?

The current applications of rosins:
1) soap and printing ink,
2) paint manufacture
3) paper making
4) precursor to the flux used in soldering
5) glazing agent in medicines and chewing gumrosin6) used to make a better grip on slippery surface, friction increasing agent
7) glycerol ester of wood rosin (GEWR) is used in non alcoholic beverages to a maximum level of 100mg/L.

Regarding the GEWR, there is another counterpart called the glycerol ester of gum rosin (GEGR). Manufacturer of GEGR, Spherix Incorporated requested a permission from EFSA to use the substance in the same manner as GEWR. Wood rosins are derived from aged pine stumps while gum rosins are derived from living pine trees. The company stated that the two rosins have the same resin acids.

However EFSA stated that there are not enough data about the similarity of GEGR to GEWR. There are no studies about the safety of gum rosin.

The authority cannot made conclusion yet about the safety of gum rosin.

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