Paper Towels, Cloth Towel and Hot Air for Hand Drying

From processing area to comfort room then to processing area again. If the call of nature could be prevented or delayed, then every food manufacturing company will prevent any employee from going to CR thru the duration of employee shift. The purpose is to prevent any cross-contamination.

Call of nature prevention is impossible however so sanitary measures are strictly implemented. The most popular measure are washing and drying hand thoroughly. Water source, soap and a quick hand drying mechanisms are provided. Let us deal fist with the hand drying.

1) Own clean towel or handkerchief. Literally means drawing your own towel or handkerchief from the pocket. Wiping your hand dry and putting the towel back. This posses a great risk even if the towel is very clean from the very first use. Using it again and again would likely gather microbial contaminants. Another thing, towels from our home drawers are usually clean but not necessarily sanitized.

2) Provided hand towel. It is popular at home, a towel hanging on refrigerator handle. A white towel hung in the morning is perhaps brown in the afternoon. Imagine how dark it will get if implemented in processing premises! Such is a no no in processing area.

3) Sanitary Tissue Paper. It is way better than cloth towels. Get a piece, dry the hands and throw it away. The remaining towel in dispenser remains intact, clean and ready for the next use. But, it is still subject to quality of disposable tissue paper and dispenser construction.

The dispenser should be partnered with sanitary trash bin.

3) Hot air dryer. There are two variants. The push button type and the sensor type. First is equipped with a large push button, pushing it once will activate hot blowing air for a short period. The latter is equipped with a proximity sensor. Place the hand near air duck, then the warm air will continue to emit as long as the hand is near the sensor. It is hot and has some sort of disinfection effect. The latter is more common and recommended. It is a non-contact approach that prevents germs transfer.

tissue paper and dispensers illustration


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