NMIS Plan to Ban the Selling of Home-made and Unbranded Meat

Another unsanitary meat processing plant in Payatas was recommended for closure. Quezon city Veterinary Office conducted a random inspection and they discovered the unsanitary practices of this meat processing plant. Ingredients for longganisa are on dirty floor. Workers are not using any gloves.unknown plant logo

National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) said that consumer cannot easily determined the cleanliness of processed meat. Consumer basis for meat safety is trust but NMIS insist that trust is not enough. Products to be bought should have expiration date, a keep refrigerated instruction and has a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration.

NMIS plan to prohibit the selling of home-made processed meats (longganisa, tocino, tapa) or unbranded products. They also insisted that all meat products should come from NMIS accredited processing plants.[Bandila]

This is a good news for meat consumers, the risk of food borne illnesses from meat products will be greatly reduced. But a bad news for small processors who are just starting-up or have no enough capital to pay for a number of expensive permits.

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