Quality Control For Home Business

Starting a home based food processing business? Yes? Then you should practice quality control procedures at the very start.

Get raw materials of good quality. You read it right. Lower quality materials offer you saving but tend to harden and lengthen your work. If not sorted prior to processing, it is going to reduce the final product quality thus reducing customer satisfaction, sales and income. Quality materials cost more but are more rewarding in the end. The sorting process is partially or completely eliminated.  Set standards for raw materials. Rejects those that do not fall under set criteria.

Set simple standards. The likes of no broken polvoron, uniform sizes, all should be perfect circles, colors should be bright red. All nonconformities are rejected and subjected to rework if possible.

Wear proper attire. Being at home is not an excuse to wear appropriate clothing. While the food processing is on-going, wear hair net, clean shirt, long pants, hand gloves and boots if the area is constantly wet.

Use stainless steel whenever possible. This metal looks clean and indeed easy to clean. It is expensive and not all steel grades could be use for the purpose. The T304 grade is common. Most cookware and utensils are made of this.

Keep the area away from comfort room. Keeping it away greatly reduces the chances of contamination. Everyone in your house uses this facility and you cannot prevent anyone from using it while processing is going on, unless you have more than one comfort room at home.

Put all quality control procedures into writings. Perhaps they are engraved legibly in your memory. However, you won’t always be there to process your own product. You’ll eventually grow and hire personnel. The control process is subject to continuous research and development.


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