How Clean The Hot Dog Sandwich Holder Is?

Do you ever wonder how clean your hot dog holder is? If you do, I guess you don’t have the way to know either. Trusting the eye and own gut is the only way to go. Believe anything invisible to the naked eye don’t exist. Believe that it is perfectly safe.

paper cup holder for hot dog kikiam siomai meatballsIf you have doubts then so be it. There are several reasons why you should have.

1) It bears no manufacturer’s name. It is never known if it is manufactured by some fly-by-night businessman or by a legally registered entity. If the producer is uncertain then its cleanliness is also uncertain. Good if they are practicing the code of good hygiene, bad if not.

2) Not sure of its components. Is it made of virgin material or some recycled papers? The latter if intended for food purposes should not be in direct contact with foods. It might contain harmful substances, the likes of press inks.

3) Paper is paper. A sterile paper easily absorbs dirt once taken out of the protective packaging. Exposing it under UV rays is a good way of getting rid of the contaminants. However, most vendors won’t and don’t have the equipment to do it.   You never know how it was handled before reaching your hands. You never know either if it was packaged properly or not.

4) The karenderya  staff might not be hygienic. The naked eye is enough to judge this. Just don’t buy if you never think they are not clean.

The disposable paper cup is also being used to serve other street foods like fish balls, kikiam, meat balls and siomai.


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