Hot Gravy

hot gravy

Ouch, I almost dropped it. It felt burning hot and barely bearable. I was guessing the temperature was 70 to 80 C .

hot gravy

Perhaps the gravy arrived here in frozen state and need reheating to about 90 C. I was curious at what temp did they fill the gravy in this disposable container. Some miscalculations may have occurred to their side. Customers flocked and there was a need of gravy rush.

Disposable plastics are known sensitive to high heat and reuse cycles. Made of cheap materials. It needs be affordable, else, the offerings won’t be accessible to masses. Fast food chains caters to class C and D market , some with special focus on young ages.

It was my first time got served with scorching gravy. I assumed, it should be served at ambient temp as precaution to plastic container. I saw no deformation and tasted no off flavour though. It was okay for the time being. Routine act sure has cumulative effect, however.

Gravy dispensers on counter top are usually labeled “hot gravy” as precaution I guess. Often not hot when pumped.

I deduced this plastic is polystyrene. It is determined safe by USFDA, for decades? Hmmm! There were other conflicting findings. The polymer contains suspected carcinogen, styrene and benzene. Pouring in hot liquid causes partial breakdown. I got a dose already!

Before I forget. I shouldn’t feast with this, hygienically prepared or not. It is one of the worst offender when it comes to triggering my gout.


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