Light Bulbs for Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are just… What do I call them? They are annoying, irritable and persistent pest. They just go whenever you don’t want them to. Hide, breed and do damage in your things.

They are hard to control even with the most potent pesticide. They keep on coming in one after the other. Develop resistance to chemicals fast. I am against with chemical methods by the way so we’ll weed it out of the list.

There are ways to minimize them though. Like sealing all entrance points, screen windows, roof with appropriate ceiling, door sweeps and repaired crevices. Clean surroundings and no leftover foods which cockroaches can feed on. Use of natural repellents like laurel leaves. I have never tried the last one though.

There is one more control I discovered recently. It has something to do with its character.

Cockroach and most other insects (except ants, of course) are nocturnal by nature. They hide and sleep during the day and go out look for food at night. When the surrounding is pitch dark, no lights and people are deep asleep. Doing their crimes like midnight thieves.

My observations, they started crawling out few minutes after putting off all the lights. If the lights are off at eight and I get up to pee at nine, I see three to five crawling around. However, If I stay up until 12 midnight, I rarely see one before going to bed. I had a feeling that they are afraid of light. They perceived night as daytime whenever they see light bulb on.

The experiment was on. I tried leaving a light on overnight in every section of the house. After several days few cockroaches were seen crawling at daytime. They were slow, seemed weakened and never eaten for days. Splatting them dead was very easy. Occurrence was getting fewer every day until no more.

For the check. I searched were they usually hide and never found any.


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