Tons of Litson Botcha Were Seized in Pandi, Bulacan

Many capitalists are persistent in selling double dead meat. Some are processing it to litson (roasted) before selling. Maybe they want to hide the signs of double dead meat.

[ABS-CBN News Bandila] Tons of litson botsa were seized in Pandi Bulacan. According to National Meat Inspection Service, NMIS, there is a high probability that those roasted double dead pigs (litson botcha) have already entered the Manila market chain.

Please be careful in buying meat! Double dead meat meat are hazardous to health.

A piggery farm in Bulacan is roasting double dead pigs. Double dead meat are dangerous and the manner of processing is unsanitary. They are placing roasted meat on dirty floor. Some dogs are seen feeding on roasted pieces of meat. The scenarios make the meat even more dangerous.

I cannot imagine what they are thinking. They are risking other peoples lives in order to save their inputs.

Local government of Bulacan burned tons of litson botcha. Those seized meats are to be sold in Manila market particularly in Paco and Blumentrit and Mega Q-Mart in Quezon City.

There are signs of double dead meat. I am not sure if they are applicable for processed litson botcha.

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