Bottled Waters in Masantol Pampanga, Under Coliform Analysis

The week long flood in Masantol Pampanga and nearby areas caused the proliferation of coliform bacteria, E coli.
The coliform main source is the human feces. Perhaps dirty water from comfort room deposit tanks mixed with flood water.
The bacteria multiply in haze. A single drop of contaminated water can contaminate the whole flooded community.

According to reports,many residents suffered from diarrhea. The Philippine Medical Association did a community service. They distributed chlorine solutions. The chlorine should be mixed with water before using. They also reminded the public that water should be boiled for 10 to 20 minutes if a chlorine solution is not available. The timer starts when boiling commences.

At times of calamity when safe water is scarce, the bottled  mineral water is a good alternative. The water bottler do the water cleaning by means of several thorough processes. Rest assured that water for the community is safe.

However, the above statement is not true at all times.  Purified water might also be contaminated with E coli. Lack of hygiene and insufficient process result to this. Drinking purified bottled water might be dangerous too!

Do not worry! The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is analyzing all the bottled water available in the area. All products found with E coli contamination will be placed under immediate recall.

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