The Stinky and Sour Milk

Stinky (maango, amoy baka)

I was frequently preparing milk for my baby boy and now occasionally for my baby girl. As I was opening the milk can, the odor was spreading out and reaching my senses. It was bad, stinky, smelled like cow. The taste was not good either.

I love milk whenever available. I often tempted to take part even if it stink. The baby love it more even if it stink. Perhaps her sense of taste is not yet well developed and cannot differentiate between flavors.

I tasted breastmilk when I was a little baby. I can’t recall how it taste now. I have never tried taking a sip to refresh my poor memory.

According to a short forum on, human breastmilk can be stinky too. It can be affected by diet. Eating garlic, onions and the likes is not good for breastmilk taste and odor. It may absorb body odor. The milk may taste bad if the lactating mom is not hygienic enough.  The high levels of prolactin, vitamins and other nutrients. Remember, most drugs and nutrient supplements are not good tasting.

The same is true with goat’s and cow’s milk. The bad smell and taste maybe contributed by animal hygiene, feeds and nutrient contents. Some physiological disorders such as mastitis will not only make the milk bad but unfit for consumption.


Fresh milk is slightly sweet due to presence of lactose, a compound sugar made of glucose and galactose. The presence of fermentative bacteria will convert the lactose to lactic acid will make the milk acidic or sour if time and condition are favorable.

Sour milk may or may not be spoiled. A soured fresh/canned milk is spoiled but probiotic drinks and products like cheese and butter milk are not. Most skimmed milks I bought from bakery supply stores were sour. I never know the real reason yet. Maybe there were bad already.

skimmed milk in cellophane

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