Why Should We Minimize The Use of Best Before Date

Two products with different shelf life declarations. One with “best before date” and the other with “use by date”. If the two products are at the end of declared shelf life today. Then the natural thing to do is discard them both. Why would you eat such a thing. Food safety is of outmost importance. Taking the risk is not recommended and should not be done.

To make the things clearer, the use by date is a must for perishable goods like cheese, milk and meat products. The mandate is for safety reason. Whenever a food has passed its use by date, anyone should refrain from consuming it. Insisting might cause health hazards. Though manufacturers alot allowance for declarations. best before date

The best before date has huge difference. It is an indication of product freshness. It means that a product is at its peak quality on or before the date indicated. The quality might start to degenerate afterwards. If you always want food at its peak quality. Then you must choose a commodity with best before date imprint. You can can get the quality you want. Most of the time and seldom fail.

The use of best before date seems to be a good marketing proposition. More customers are going to patronize the product. However, it also has a negative impact. Buyers tend to discard products if passed its best before date. Most of them think they are not safe to eat. Tons and tons of food products end up in garbage land due to this habit.

Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK) suggested to minimize the use of the term “best before date”. The move could help a lot in prevention of food waste. E.g. A best before declaration of one year could be two years in terms of use by date. Imagine, the “best before” is stripping off considerable time from the food’s life. Lots of foods might still go to waste by its continues use.


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