Eating Ripe Tamarind with Molds ?

ripe sampalok with molds

Tamarind below looks yummy and sweet. I can’t wait to take a bite and sip the sweetness and yumminess.

ripe sampalok with molds

In fact I have eaten a lot of them without noticing the molds. Yes, this tamarind have molds. Ripe tamarind color should be golden brown to brown. Then why there are white spots? The white spots are molds. Examine closely and you will agree that they are indeed molds.

Is it safe eat ripe tamarind with molds? Definitely not because you never know whether they are good or bad microorganisms. Ripe tamarind taste good even if it has small amounts of molds but eating it is a gamble. What will happen next maybe bad or nothing.

Gladly, I never experienced any bad effects. I will be more careful next time.


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