Effects of Alcohol are More Dangerous than Illegal Drugs?

beer in canAlcohol can be more dangerous than other illegal drugs. More crimes are alcohol related than illegal drug related. Alcohol intoxication cause road accidents. Human become violent when intoxicated, enough reason to commit untoward acts.

Alcohol drinking is a part of our daily life, a social way of living. We feel that we are out of place if we do not drink. Two regular beer bottles or less are enough, we usually want more until we loose control of ourself.

ABS-CBN News – Bandila. According to Department of Health, the number of young drinkers is alarming. United Nation study found out that two out ten young Filipino (15 to 18 years of age) are drinkers. Six out of 10 drinkers are not contented with just one beer bottle, they drink two or more instead.

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