Why Fructose Is More Dangerous?

It was mentioned in Encrich Magazine that too much intake of sweets is dangerous. Taking products sweetened with glucose, sucrose and fructose is dangerous. It is like taking in poison. Special emphasis was given to HFCS or the high fructose corn syrup.

Corn. A good source of carbohydrate. A slow release energy that is being promoted by Department of Agriculture. Good for diabetics.  It is the source of dangerous HFCS.

Consuming any regular corn is safe. Anyone can barely get fructose from it. The starchy corn is converted to glucose by enzymatic action. Another action of different enzyme is required to turn glucose to fructose.

High fructose corn syrup is sweeter and cheaper than regular white sucrose. Because it is sweeter, less is required to produce the same effect as sucrose. Anti-HFCS are coming out as the syrup gains popularity.

Specifically added to hard candy production to prevent crystallization and in pastry products to keep a moist surface.

HFCS consist of 76% sugar and 24% water. Sugar comprise of 42 to 90% fructose  and the remaining is glucose. Fructose concentration is denoted by number at end of HFCS abbreviation, HFCS 42, HFCS 55, HFCS 90. Unless otherwise specified, corn syrup is just a glucose syrup.

Why fructose is more dangerous? The only one that can synthesize fructose is the liver, it is being converted to fat for storage, making one obese faster. The more fructose consumed, the more stress given to liver and the more chances of liver.

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