Is MSG Causing You Migraine Too?

I am not a fan of MSG but I am starting to believe that it is generally safe for human consumption.  It has been in circulation since 1908 and still going strong. There are thousands of studies regarding monosodium glutamate but none pointed out conclusive danger to human health. Advertisements connecting MSG  to the fifth basic taste, umami, were widespread lately. Particular ads were emphasizing, it is safe and will make every cooking taste better.

I guessed I was too convinced and forgot two things. 1) Any food company will not say anything that could lower their product reputation. and 2) Any popular product if not proven dangerous is considered safe, even if they do cause harm.

Recently, friend asked if the “nilagang baka” on table had MSG. Me and our other friend couldn’t tell but said it was perhaps dropped with a pinch. He got some meat but only took a little soup.

After awhile, he confirmed that the “nilagang baka” we had eaten was indeed mixed with MSG. His head began aching and was thankful he only got a sip of soup. He has hypersensitivity to MSG, experiencing migraine after consumption.

He discovered this after eating at the same chinese restaurant several times and experiencing headache every after meal. The connection: MSG causes migraine, Chinese restaurants are know users of…

Headache is one of the mentioned dilemmas among the MSG symptom complex. This website is well organized and has explanations regarding connections of MSG to migraine and other diseases.

msg in dispenser bottle

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