Aflatoxin in a Batch of Nagaraya

I am not a fan of coated peanut crackers, but when I crave, I choose a specific brand with my kind of flavor. It is the Nagaraya Chilli Flavor. It is hot that no one in the house want to share with me.

Talking about Nagaraya, there was a bit of bad news recently. The Nagaraya Original Butter Flavor (yellow wrapper) was found contaminated with aflatoxin. FDA test results showed 400 part per billion. That is way too high of the allowable value of 15 ppm. Not all products are affected, only those with lot number “14 019”.

All the products with the specific lot number is on recall. FDA is also testing other product flavours.

Aflatoxin is something that cannot be removed by processing means. Once the food is contaminated, it is still so after cooking and upon reaching customers hands. For peanut and other nuts and grains sensitive to this toxin, the commodity should be free to begin with. Before harvesting – all moldy should not be harvested. They should be burned to prevent further spread. Storage and transport – all the conditions should prevent mold growth and contamination. Manufacturers must have their own laboratory to screen out bad deliveries. All entities involved in chain should have proper training on this. That includes farmers, of course.

Aflatoxin has long term health effects.


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