NFA to Sell 11 Million Sacks of Old Rice?

The National Food Authority started the bidding of  11 million sacks of stored rice. There is a problem though. According to Rice Watch and Action Networks, most of the rice have been stored for 12 months up to three years. Rice are old stocks. The shelf life of rice is only six months. They added that NFA is spraying pesticides to commodity to kill and prevent insect pest. The rice are probably not safe for human consumption.nfa rice word

They really never know how to store rice. They should dispose all rice before the declared storage life period.

NFA assures that they will not sell unfit rice. The Food Development Center or FDA is already conducting laboratory analysis.  Analysis by independent company is also being done.

ABS-CBN Bandila showed a cooked rice sample. The rice color is yellowish, it has many foreign matters such as bukbok and has a bad texture, malabo.

What if the 11 million sacks of rice are unfit for human consumption? It might also unfit for animal feed. They are going to throw it all away.

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