Nitrates and Nitrites Contents of Common Filipino Meat Products

According 6th National Nutrition Survey (NNS) ten nitrate-and nitrate-treated meat products rank among the top 20 processed meats consumed by Filipinos. Nitrates and nitrites in high concentration are factors in formation of  intestinal colon cancer and type one diabetics.

The JECFA-WHO/FAO (2002) Acceptable Daily intake (ADI) is 0.07 mg nitrite per kg body weight. A 50 kilogram person should not ingest 3.5 mg a day.

Food and Nutrition Research Institute conducted laboratory testing of most common meat products consumed by Filipinos. Product selection and area of sampling are random.

vienna sausage

Testing Results:

Tocino = 6.8-399.3 mg/kg
Beef Tapa = 33.9 mg/kg
Longganisa = 6.0-328.8 mg/kg
Chorizo = 5.8-195.7 mg/kg
BFAD Maximum Level = 416 mg/kg

Ham = 63.3-164.6 mg/kg
BFAD Maximum Level = 168 mg/kg

Hotdog = 9.6-104.1 mg/kg
Corned beef = 12.7-49.2 mg/kg
Vienna sausage = 38.9-104.9 mg/kg
Luncheon meat = 96.4-106.8 mg/kg
Meat/Beef loaf = 80.6 mg/kg
BFAD Maximum Level = 134 mg/kg

No products exceeded the levels set by BFAD but every person eating the meat products have the potential risk of exceeding ADI. Ingesting 125 grams of meat loaf will give a 50 kilogram person approximately 8 mg of hazardous preservative, 4.5 mg excess.

Feel free to compute the other values.

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